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The F C Kohli Chat

The father of the Indian software industry, F C Kohli, was in the com:port chat room. And true to the legend he was brief, concise and brilliant. The unedited transcript:

ppp (Mon Dec 2 19:41:09 1996 IST):


SOFT HEAD (Mon Dec 2 19:50:25 1996 IST):


SmallTimeBizMan (Mon Dec 2 20:05:13 1996 IST):

Mr. Kohli, can we start?

SOFT HEAD (Mon Dec 2 20:05:43 1996 IST):

HEY SmallTimeBizMan, WHERE U FROM??

SmallTimeBizMan (Mon Dec 2 20:08:53 1996 IST):

I'm from SmallCountryinSmallContinent...

REDIFF ON THE NET (Mon Dec 2 20:10:53 1996 IST):

Welcome Mr Kohli, we are all eagrly awaiting this discussion and are honourd by your presence.

FC Kohli (Mon Dec 2 20:12:09 1996 IST):

I am ready to answer your questions now...

SOFT HEAD (Mon Dec 2 20:12:34 1996 IST):

Mr Kohli how is the internet going to effect the software business in India?

FC Kohli (Mon Dec 2 20:14:25 1996 IST):

I am ready to answer your questions now...

FC Kohli (Mon Dec 2 20:14:37 1996 IST):

I am ready to answer your questions now...

kamal (Mon Dec 2 20:15:38 1996 IST):

Dear Mr. Kohli; Why is it that even with vast technical manpower resources available India's software industry is still a follower but not a leader in the world?

netman (Mon Dec 2 20:15:45 1996 IST):

Mr. kohli: What do you think about the Indian software Industry heading towards?

FC Kohli (Mon Dec 2 20:16:32 1996 IST):

SOFT HEAD:Internet would effect i)the delivery of software ii) the devlopment of software. At this point, I don't think we have enough bandwidth available out of India to provide adequate service.

Indy (Mon Dec 2 20:16:50 1996 IST):

Why are software companies in India not able to make global brands?

software (Mon Dec 2 20:18:08 1996 IST):

Mr Kohli, in the realm of power, technological breakthrough often propels a country to the forefront. Can India's vast software knowledge take India ahead of the rest of the world?

SOFT HEAD (Mon Dec 2 20:18:23 1996 IST):

thanks mr kohli. now when do you think enough bandwidth will be available. one year... two year... when?

PC-Man (Mon Dec 2 20:19:17 1996 IST):

Mr Kohli: Why inspite of having best brains Indian Software industry has not been able to produce a global brand software product on it's own?

FC Kohli (Mon Dec 2 20:19:35 1996 IST):

netman: Software industry in India will continue to have agrowth over 50% p.a for next 5-10 years. However, this growth is not adequate on the global scene. The issue is how to make Indian software iindustry grow at 100-200% p.a. This can happen only if there is extensive computerisation within the country. That is computerisation in banks, financial institutions, transporation, health care and various govt. institutions and the govt. itself.

software (Mon Dec 2 20:19:50 1996 IST):

What is the reason that India is not able to make the critical breakthrough that is so often the difference between great and a permanent aspirant?

tera (Mon Dec 2 20:21:18 1996 IST):

who is this guy?

software (Mon Dec 2 20:21:37 1996 IST):

india is seen as lagging behind in hardware? what can be done to overcome this deficiency?

software (Mon Dec 2 20:22:27 1996 IST):

ASEAN recently announced it would cut tariffs in IT industry, at the behest of the US. How can India take advantage of this impending change?

software (Mon Dec 2 20:22:47 1996 IST):

Mr Kohli, you are taking a long time to download!!!!!

Indy (Mon Dec 2 20:23:03 1996 IST):

hey TERA, mr KOHLI is the seniormost businessman in india's IT sector. he has singlehandedly built the IT business India is known for. where are u from TERA?

tera (Mon Dec 2 20:23:37 1996 IST):

mr. kohli are you here?

software (Mon Dec 2 20:24:20 1996 IST):

hey, indy, where r u from? some pr agency??!!

Indy (Mon Dec 2 20:24:38 1996 IST):


FC Kohli (Mon Dec 2 20:25:33 1996 IST):

PC-Man : A software product is usually produced on-site where the product is to be used. Say if a financial product is required in the US then it has to be developed with interaction with those in the US who will be the potential customers. Secondly, the product has tremendous marketing cost which sometime amount to almost 80% of the price. Taking these two factors into account, despite our best brains it will be sometime before India gets into the software product business. At this point TCS is building a producy for wholesale banking in partnership with banks in Switzerland. This product is using about 12-14 technlogies which are yet to prove viable for large size products and have to gain maturity. However since this product will be ready for marketing sometime in '97 TCS had to consider using technologies of the future.

tera (Mon Dec 2 20:25:47 1996 IST):

indy: i'm from ball state university. thats in muncie, indiana. let me guess youre from indianapolis?

Indy (Mon Dec 2 20:25:54 1996 IST):

just enlightening you SOFTWARE... r u not dumb.

DisgruntledTCSEmployee (Mon Dec 2 20:26:18 1996 IST):

TCS has many problems with it's employees abroad. What could be the reason for that? Is it that they (the employess) are not treated well and so they seek to jump? Isn't TCS then responsible for contributing, nay encouraging, brain drain?

SOFT HEAD (Mon Dec 2 20:28:47 1996 IST):

once again mr kohli (i am repeating my question): when do you think will the internet really take off in india?

agam (Mon Dec 2 20:28:56 1996 IST):

how are you planning to splash onto the Internet?

Dr. Arvind Shah (Mon Dec 2 20:29:11 1996 IST):

Hello Mr. Kohli

tera (Mon Dec 2 20:29:21 1996 IST):

mr k why dont you give me a little info about yourself!

FC Kohli (Mon Dec 2 20:29:40 1996 IST):

software: Yes we are aware of the recommendation at the APEC. India has yet to go a long way in production of hardware. India has hardly any component industry. Id India is to computerise aggressively and to install about 500 million years a year instaed of 3,00,000 foreign exchange bill for the country for importing the hardware will become aburden oon the country..India therefore has to encourage production of components and other hardware within the country to increase the level of computerisation.