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The B B Ramaiah Chat

Commerce Minister and Telugu Desam Party leader B B Ramaiah appeared on the Rediff Chat a few hours before the United Front steering committee convened to elect its new leader. Read on for the minister's responses to the events that hold the nation in thrall.

Jason (Fri Apr 18 19:41:29 1997 IST):

Dr Rammaih: Tell me sir what do you have to say to the NRI investors after the current fiasco by the political parties in India to come and retain power?

Mayawati (Fri Apr 18 19:49:03 1997 IST):

Dr Rammaih: Who do you believe will be elected as the head of the UF party? What is your opinion of Kesri? Why are the UF partymen trusting a snake who has already bitten them once and broken their trust?

Mayawati (Fri Apr 18 19:50:17 1997 IST):

Hiya Vineet how are you?

Vineet Dixit (Fri Apr 18 19:51:01 1997 IST):

Mr Ramaiah: A major problem affecting the Indian exporters is the high interest rates. Has the United Front government planning to do something on this front?

Meenakshi Iyer (Fri Apr 18 19:51:26 1997 IST):

Hi everyone

Meenakshi Iyer (Fri Apr 18 19:53:34 1997 IST):

Dr Rammaih: Which industry is in your priorities list? Why? And what do you propose to do about it?

Dennis Libby (Fri Apr 18 20:00:55 1997 IST):

Hello everyone

Dennis Libby (Fri Apr 18 20:02:27 1997 IST):

Dr Rammaih: What role did you play in this years budget?

Nikhil Lakshman (Fri Apr 18 20:04:35 1997 IST):

Dr Ramaiah, Welcome to the Rediff Chat. We wanted to discuss matters commerce with you earlier, that is when my colleague Suparn Verma met you at the Gem and Export Council awards in Bombay. Now, of course, it is the national crisis that we wish to speak to you about. As a most distinguished member of the Union council of ministers and a member of the Telugu Desam Party.

B B RAMAIAH (Fri Apr 18 20:05:32 1997 IST):

EVERYONE: Hello, everyone, I am here to answer your queries and I hope that I will be able to give enough satisfactory answers to your questions.

L L James (Fri Apr 18 20:06:47 1997 IST):

Dr Ramaiah, Namashkar! How can you believe the Congress, Sir? Do you believe the party will continue its support for mopre than six months?

Karl (Fri Apr 18 20:07:10 1997 IST):

Hello Dr Rammaih, Sir do you think that the new coalition government backed by the Congress will be able to survive as long as the Gowda government did?

A N Donald (Fri Apr 18 20:07:33 1997 IST):

Dr BB -- mind if I call you that? -- what chances are there for the Congress joining this government?

B B RAMAIAH (Fri Apr 18 20:09:45 1997 IST):

JASON: This country's economy is going the global economy way and liberalisation will continue. And this is irrespective of whoever is running the country. I have had lot of interaction with various leaders of various parties who are operating in different states. They are all very keen to follow the present policy. They want to expand their industrial activities and also follow the liberal policies being followed today. You can also see our present performance of the Budget and the EXIM policy and also the RBI credit policies, all are in the same direction which were promised earlier to various NRIs all over the world. I am quite sure we will fulfill our obligations without any difficulty.

Ajit James (Fri Apr 18 20:09:51 1997 IST):

Drsaab, what chances of Naidugauru becoming PM?

L L James (Fri Apr 18 20:11:50 1997 IST):

What is your reason for the Congress withdrawing support to the United Front? Was it because the party felt the UF was stealing its agenda and mandate?

B B RAMAIAH (Fri Apr 18 20:12:09 1997 IST):

Mayawari: Well, the Congress made an attempt to see whether there is any split within the UF. And having failed in their attempt they realised that the UF is very strong and that they are not in a position to make any dent within the UF. They then realised they should continue the existing stable government by supporting it from outside.

A N Donald (Fri Apr 18 20:12:22 1997 IST):

Hi, Ahit, what are you doing here? I bet we are related!

hari (Fri Apr 18 20:13:16 1997 IST):

hi! Dr.BB, Why can't u face the elections now? Scared of BJP?

Sharmila Dua (Fri Apr 18 20:13:49 1997 IST):

Dear Dr Rammaih, sir you are not really a politican cause you seem to be interested in doing your work rather than take part in petty politics, but sir can you tell us why does a 89 YEAR OLD leader put the country's future in jeopardy and the highest authority in the country again beileves this man Kesri and accepts his support to the UF government headed by a new leader? How can you all tolerate and believe such NOnsense sir, respectfully yours Sharmila Dua.:-)

Ajit James (Fri Apr 18 20:14:21 1997 IST):

Drsaab, do you believe the Federal Front has a brighter future than the United Front and do you believe there is a possibility of the Federal Front fighting the next general election with a common programme.