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May 19, 1998


Sanctions will not hit Boeing sales, clarifies Keskar

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The Boeing India, a commercial airplane group, today clarified that the sanctions imposed by the United States on India in the wake of the nuclear tests carried out by the country, will not affect the company's ability to sell airplanes to India.

Speaking to newsmen in Bombay, Boeing India president Dr Dinesh Keskar said that Boeing has been a partner with India for many years now and they intend to keep the relationship going in the future. He said the company is currently in a process of getting to know exactly what the limitations of these sanctions are and will accordingly carry out their business within the existing parameters.

The Boeing group has been providing airplanes to Air-India, Indian Airlines, and other privately owned airlines in the country for the past 40 years. Currently, the delivery of the fourth 737-400 will be made in June to Jet Airways, a private airline. Soon to follow are six more planes of 737-800 make. The Boeing group is positive that the deliveries will be made on time and as planned.

As the limitations of the sanctions become clear, the company will be more precise in their clarifications and offers but they will not effect the work which will be carried out smoothly within the given constraints.

Keskar said even after the limits of the sanctions are clear, their offer will continue to be attractive for their customers and added that the company has informed ministry of civil aviation of its willingness carry on business as usual within the parameters of the sanctions.

The Boeing company has been in business with India since 1956 when Air-India purchased an airplane from them. Later, the relations continued as few new planes were bought by both Air India and Indian Airlines and later by private companies like Jet Airways, Sahara India, Modiluft, East West Travels and Tours, and NEPC Airways.

He clarified that contrary to the news appearing in print that the sanctions may affect business with the company, it is now clear that the company will carry out its business as usual and expressed hope that both the government and the customers will understand the situation and carry on with a positive view of the future.

Sales campaigns that are in progress and deliveries that are due will be carried on as per schedule, he declared.


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